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Kanana Fou Theological College

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Kanana Fou and The Culture of Samoa

The Bible and the Fa`asamoa

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Christianity in Theory and Practice

Applying the Bible Practically 

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The Art of Service and Sacrifice

Caring for Gods Creation

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We Are a Christian Community

Living a Life of Fellowship


KFTS is now KFTC

KFTS has officially changed its name to "Kanana Fou Theological College" (KFTC). In the coming weeks, the website address and institutional emails will reflect this change. The current website and email addresses will continue to work for some time, but they will redirect you to the new addresses as they become available.    

KFTC will host OBSA Conference in 2023

KFTC will host the first of two Oceania Biblical Studies Association (OBSA) conferences on April 5 - 7, 2023 (Malua Theological College will host the second conference on August 30 - September 1, 2023). The first conference coincides with the celebration of the Kanana Fou Theological College's 40th anniversary. Please click on the links below for more information.     

*Call for Proposals

Click on the link above to learn more about the conference and/or to submit a proposal for a presentation. 

*Registration Form

Click on the link above to download the registration form.

Becoming a Student of Kanana Fou

Kanana Fou accepts students from all cultures, ethnicities, ages, nationalities and backgrounds.  We currently have international students from Tonga, Australia, Samoa, Tuvalu, New Zealand and the United States.  We accept enrollments for both male and female students, single and married, aged 21 years and over.  

Students undertake a four year journey in fellowship  surrounded by the beauty that is the South Pacific. With a focus on pursing academic excellence in combination with physical service to the community, Kanana Fou is the perfect place to learn everything necessary to prepare you for God's mission, starting with a Bachelors Degree in Divinity. 

For non-Samoan international students, entering into training at Kanana Fou is a once in a lifetime cultural experience that will never be forgotten.

Download the Student Handbook
Single Student Fee

Single Student fee is currently *$800 USD per semester. Single Students will be allocated a room at the singles quarters located on campus.  All food, electricity and water is provided.

*Fee Subject to change

Married Student Fee

Married Student fee is currently *$700 USD per semester.  Married Students will be allocated their own housing on campus.  Married students will need to budget costs for their own food, electricity and water. 

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Preaching and Worship Skills 

Leading People to Christ

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Living as a Student in Kanana Fou

Unity Found in Diversity

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In Pursuit of Academic Excellence

Learning as a Lifestyle

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About The Kanana Fou Campus

Living In Paradise


Latest News

2023 Entrance Exam (Su'ega Ulufale)

The KFTC Entrance Exam for 2024 entering students will take place on November 24 - 25, 2023 at 8:30am (on campus)

The Examination will be on Jonah (OT) and 2 Corinthians (NT)

[Posted: Februrary 27, 2023]

Promoting Mental Health: Education & Prevention

KFTC Hosted the "Promoting Mental Health" workshop on September 26 & 27, 2022. Experts from the VA Mental Health Care System as well as KFTC Lecturers presented on various topics regarding mental health. Numerous clergy from around the island were present, and some off-island clergy were also able to participate via zoom. 

[Posted: October 1, 2022]

Meet the Faculty and Staff

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Dr. M. Niuatoa


Lecturer in Theology & Psychology.               Dip.Th (KFTS); MARE, PhD (CST)

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Dr. S. Mauga

Vice President

Lecturer in Ministry & Religious Education.      BD (KFTS); M.Div., D.Min (PSR)

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Dr. E. Lafitaga

Dean of Academics

Lecturer in New Testament & Greek Lang. Dip.Th (KFTS); BSCE (UH); MABL, PhD (GTU)

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Rev. C. Masaniai

Registrar & Admissions

Lecturer in Theology.    BD (KFTS); MTh (PTC)                      

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Dr. B. Laie

Lecturer Old Testament

Lecturer in Old Testament & Hebrew Lang.

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Rev. F. Leituala

Lecturer in Theology

Lecturer in Theology

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Dr. P. Sapolu

Lecturer Old Testament

Lecturer in Old Testament & Hebrew Lang.                   Dip.Th (KFTS); BA (UH); MABL, PhD (GTU)

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Rev. P. Mataafa

Lecturer Church History

Lecturer in Pacific Church History & Polity.
BD (KFTS); MTh (PTC)         PhD Student, (GTU)          

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Rev. S. Satoa


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V. Masaniai


College facts & figures

As a College student You'll  Kanana Fou


Current Students


Graduates since 1983




KFTS Courses

Enrolment Information

You can download an application form here. You can also register your name and email address and we will keep you updated regarding our next enrollment. Alternatively if you have a specific question, send us a message on our facebook page.

Next Entrance Exam

November 24 - 25, 2023; 8:30am

The Examination will be on Jonah (OT) and 2 Corinthians (NT)

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